MCCM Fosfatydylocholina 5% – 20x5ml


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MCCM Fosfatydylocholina 5% – 20x5ml

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Phosphatidylcholine, also called lecithin, is a polyunsaturated organic compound found in the cell membranes of higher organisms.

It is an extract of soybean lecithin phospholipids present in cell membranes, which actively participate in intercellular transport.

Demonstrates lipo-trophic action consisting in breaking fat tissues in natural metabolic processes.

It also increases the action of enzymes that destroy lipids from the cell membrane.

In fat cells, it increases the permeability of the membrane, which facilitates the excretion of excess fat from the body.

Phosphatidylcholine is used as an adjuvant in slimming treatments, fat burning, as it contributes to the reduction and elimination of localized fatty tissues. Additionally, it works on the body shaping processes.


combating cellulite
fat burning

Product for professional use only.

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