MCCOSMETICS MC 10 % Jessner Acid Pack

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MCCOSMETICS MC 10 % Jessner Acid Pack

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The MC 10 % Jessner Acid Pack offers all the products needed for a comprehensive improvement and revitalisation of the skin on the face


The MC Jessner Acid Pack consists of two effective products, one of which is the MC Jessner Acid, a very powerful exfoliant for the face that rids the skin of wrinkles, expression lines, scars, acne and even psoriasis, eczema and hyperpigmentation. The ingredients that go into this acid are not only highly effective and fast-acting, but also antioxidant, revitalising, brightening and skin cell renewing. In addition, the MC Jessner complete pack contains the soothing and cooling MC after-treatment spray, which neutralises the skin in a gentle way. Thus, the products in the pack dissolve any skin problems and make the skin more supple and youthful.

Why the MC 10 % Jessner Acid Pack is the ideal peeling set for you

The MC Jessner Acid Pack is the perfect peeling package because it contains both an effective acid peeling for a successful improvement of any skin problems, as well as a neutralising MC Post Peeling Spray, which perfectly rounds off the actual treatment and not only neutralises but also soothes the skin. The MC Jessner Acid, on the other hand, which incidentally consists of 10% of the effective resorcinol, is effective in several ways. On the one hand, it has an antioxidant, revitalising and skin-renewing effect, which generally has a positive effect on the skin’s appearance. On the other hand, Jessner’s acid has a brightening and skin-smoothing function, which effectively improves skin problems of all kinds. Wrinkles, expression lines and acne scars, as well as more serious problems such as psoriasis, eczema and also pigment spots are well taken care of with MC Jessner. In addition, this product has a positive effect on the healing process of the skin, thus renewing mature and damaged skin and reducing the excessive production of sebum and acne. In addition, the resorcinol acid in this product unclogs pores and loosens dead skin cells from the face, leaving the skin looking softer, smoother and more youthful after an MC Jessner Acid treatment. Unlike the equally effective MC Melanopeel Pack from the same manufacturer MCCosmetics ®, which mainly reduces pigmentation spots of any origin, the Jessner Peeling Pack is thus the perfect product for a successful skin improvement, both in terms of skin surface and skin tone. You can buy the MC Jessner Acid Pack from us today, so that you can soon see for yourself how revitalising and skin-improving this product is.

FAQ about MC 10% Jessner Acid Pack

What treatments can be performed with MC Jessner Acid?
This peeling product can be used for the treatment of the following skin problems of the face: fine wrinkles, scars, acne, psoriasis, eczema, hyperpigmentation. In addition, Jessner Acid has a positive effect on the healing process of the skin and also has an antioxidant and antiseptic effect.

For which skin type is MC Jessner Acid suitable?
Jessner Acid can be used on customers of any skin type.

Which products are included in a package of the MC Jessner Acid Pack?
Each package of this set contains on the one hand the MC Jessner Acid in a content of 30 ml, and on the other hand the neutralising MC Post Peeling Spray, which has a content of 50 ml.

What are the ingredients of the products in the MC Jessner Acid Pack?
The MC Jessner Acid, i.e. the actual peeling, mainly contains 10% resorcinol, and the MC Post Peeling Neutralising Spray is composed of the following main ingredients: Water, sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin.

How can MC Jessner Acid be applied?
The actual peeling should be applied with a brush to clean skin on the face. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin as well as the reaction to the product, apply up to 3 layers of the product and leave it on for a maximum of 5 minutes. Following this, the MC Post Peeling should be applied, left to work in and finally everything rinsed off with cold water.

How often should the MC Jessner Acid be used?
It is recommended that the treatment be done in a total of 4 to 6 sessions, each 2 to 3 weeks apart. This guarantees satisfactory and extensive results.

What should be considered when using the MC Jessner Acid?
MC Jessner is a topically applicable product. Therefore, only use it topically, i.e. superficially.




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