MCCOSMETICS MC 25 % Azelaic Acid Pack

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MCCOSMETICS MC 25 % Azelaic Acid Pack

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The MC 25% Azelaic Acid Pack contains all the products needed for a comprehensive and effective treatment of acne, rosacea or hyperpigmentation


The MC Azelaic Acid Pack consists of two essential products for a successful peeling of the skin. The Azelaic Acid in particular, a 25% azelaic acid, has been designed for the comprehensive treatment of acne, rosacea and even pigmentation or age spots. This acid also has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerating effect, which can effectively reduce any skin problems. Especially the clearing of pores, which trigger many such problems, can be treated with the effective MC Azelaic Acid. However, the MC Azelaic Pack also contains a neutralising spray called MC Post Peeling, which effectively soothes the skin after a treatment with azelaic acid, thus reducing irritation and redness.

For these reasons, the MC 25% Azelaic Acid Pack is particularly effective

The MC Azelaic Acid Pack is the perfect set for treating various skin problems, including acne, hyperpigmentation and also the skin disease rosacea. All of these greatly disturb the skin’s appearance and generally make the face look blemished and unsatisfactory. However, with the MC Azelaic Acid contained in the pack, all of these can be reduced in an effective and successful way. The azelaic acid is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and supports the microcirculation of the skin tissue in an effective way. In addition, it clears the pores, promotes cell renewal in a gentle way and also has an antimicrobial function. All of this has the effect of effectively reducing acne of all types and severity, dark spots such as melasma or age spots, and also red and uneven patches due to rosacea. In addition to the 25% azelaic acid, the pack also contains a skin-soothing and neutralising post-exfoliating product. This MC Post Peeling Spray is applied after each peel and provides a cooling, soothing and relaxing sensation to the facial skin. However, the 25% Azelaic Acid Pack is not the only product from the manufacturer MCCosmetics ® that has a positive effect on the skin’s appearance, because the MC Brightening Acid Pack also contains all the products needed to free the skin from hyperpigmentation. By purchasing the MC Azelaic Acid Pack, on the other hand, you will receive the perfect products for a comprehensive acne treatment.

FAQ about MC 25% Azelaic Acid Pack

What can MC Azelaic Acid be used for?
This product is ideal for treating acne or cutaneous hyperpigmentation on the face. In addition, this product can also be used to treat the skin condition rosacea.

What skin types is MC Azelaic Acid suitable for?
Azelaic acid is particularly suitable for the brightening and clarifying treatment of sensitive skin.

Which products make up the MC Azelaic Acid Pack?
The azelaic acid pack consists of two products, firstly the 25% azelaic acid and secondly a post peeling spray which neutralises the skin. The acid comes in a content of 30 ml and the spray in 50 ml.

What are the ingredients of each product in the MC Azelaic Acid Pack?
The main ingredient of the Azelaic Acid is 25% azelaic acid, and the Post Peeling Spray from the same manufacturer is composed of the following ingredients, among others: Water, Sodium Bicarbonate or Soda, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

How should MC Azelaic Acid be applied?
Apply the azelaic acid to the skin with a brush and leave on for 1 to 3 minutes. A longer exposure time should only be used for professional use, with a maximum exposure time of 5 minutes. Afterwards, the MC Cleansing Milk, a face toner or a face mask can be applied for about 20 minutes and then removed. Finally, the face should be treated with the Post Peeling Spray, which effectively soothes and neutralises irritated skin.

At what frequency should a treatment with MC Azelaic Acid be performed?
In order to achieve comprehensive and satisfactory results, an azelaic peel treatment should be approximately 4 to 6 sessions. Ideally, these should be spaced about 2 to 3 days apart.

What should I bear in mind when undergoing treatment with MC Azelaic Acid?
This product should be applied to the surface of the skin, and in any case topically.




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