MCCOSMETICS Prof. Lipase – 1 x 1500 U.I. no box


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MCCOSMETICS Prof. Lipase – 1 x 1500 U.I. no box


MC Prof. Lipase is the ideal mesotherapeutic product for the treatment of local fat deposits on different parts of the body


MC Prof. Lipase from the manufacturer MCCosmetics ® is a mesotherapy product for topical application that effectively reduces or even removes fat deposits. Whether sagging arms, heavy thighs or unwanted fat deposits on the abdomen adversely affect the otherwise beautiful appearance, all this is effectively removed thanks to the enzyme Lipase, the main ingredient of this product. By splitting the fat cells and then preparing them for removal, fat deposits are reduced after just a few treatment sessions, leaving the body looking more sculpted, slimmer and therefore more satisfying.

For these reasons, MC Prof. Lipase is a particularly effective product

MC Prof. Lipase reduces volume as well as excess fat in various parts of the body, be it the double chin, the arms, the abdomen, the hips, the waist, the thighs or even the knees. This happens when lipase, an effective and often used enzyme, breaks down individual fat cells, which form visible fat deposits, into smaller fat cells. These are easier to mobilise after splitting so that they can be released from the tissue. Thus, Prof. Lipase reduces the volume without damaging it or other valuable structures of the body. In addition to this, the fat-release solution of the manufacturer MCCosmetics ® is anti-inflammatory and it reduces the risk of emerging pain. Thus, both local fat deposits and a generally unsatisfactory body contour can be treated easily and in just a few weeks. Due to the fact that MC Lipase is a mesotherapy product, treatment in several sessions is usually necessary to achieve comprehensive and satisfactory results. However, with MC Prof Lipase it only takes 2 to 5 treatment sessions, depending on the client’s wishes and the extent of the fat deposits, until they are visibly reduced. So by purchasing MC Prof. Lipase today, you will soon have the ideal product for a slimmer, contoured and fat-free figure. However, if you are additionally looking for an effective product against expression lines and wrinkles on the face, then MC Prof. Argireline 7 from the same manufacturer MCCosmetics ® can be recommended.

FAQ about MC Prof. Lipase

What can MC Prof. Lipase be used for and in which areas?
This product can be used for the fat-reducing treatment of various areas of the body, for example on the stomach, thighs or knees.

What ingredients are contained in MC Prof. Lipase?
Prof. Lipase from the manufacturer MCCometics ® is made up of the following ingredients: Water, Mannitol, Lipase.

What does a package of MC Prof. Lipase contain?
Each package of this mesotherapy product consists of 5 ampoules. Each of these ampoules contains 1500 U.I. of the above-mentioned active ingredient complex.

What does the designation U.I. stand for in connection with MC Prof. Lipase?
In this context, and in general, U.I. means international unit. This indicates the effect of a substance, which means that 1500 U.I. of lipase stands for high efficacy.

What rhythm should be followed for the use of MC Prof. Lipase?
MC Lipase is a mesotherapeutic product, which is why several sessions are needed to achieve satisfactory results. For this product, treatment in a total of 2 to 5 sessions is recommended, depending on the condition of the client’s skin. The individual treatment sessions should be held at intervals of 15 days each. In addition, it is recommended to repeat the delivered treatment cycle every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure satisfactory results in the long term.

What should I pay attention to when using MC Prof. Lipase?
This product is only approved for topical application and for this reason should only be applied superficially.


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