MEDIDERMA® Ferulac Valencia Peel™ – Peeling z TCA 50ml

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MEDIDERMA® Ferulac Valencia Peel™ – Peeling z TCA 50ml

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Country of Origin: SPAIN
Manufacturer: MEDIDERMA
Active Substance: Ferulic Acid – TCA – Vit C
Strength: Dark circles-Antioxidant face, neck, decolletage
Pack size: 50ml


Ferulac Valencia Peel rejuvenating peeling

The rejuvenating Ferulac Valencia Peel is a treatment that removes the effects of photoaging based on ferulic acid and TCA. It has a strong effect on wrinkles, sagging, discoloration and loss of skin glow. Ferulic acid is a strong antioxidant that repairs sun damage to the skin, moisturizes it, and stimulates the synthesis of supporting fibers. The role of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is to exfoliate the epidermis. In addition, TCA rebuilds the skin and stimulates the synthesis of youth fibers.

Its beneficial effects can be seen in the significant reduction of wrinkles, discoloration and skin laxity. Ferulac Valencia Peel combines these two substances with salicylic and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Salicylic acid removes dead epidermis and facilitates the penetration of other substances, while vitamin C adds shine, brightens discolorations and has anti-aging properties.

Indications for performing Ferulac Valencia Peel:

skin discoloration,
skin damage caused by UV radiation (sun),
loss of skin firmness and elasticity,
dry and dull skin.

Product to be used only by qualified medical personnel.




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