Mesoestetic Age Element Firming Eye Contour 15ml

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Mesoestetic Age Element Firming Eye Contour 15ml

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Mesoestetic Age Element Firming Eye Contour provides your intense firming action. Lifting the upper eyelid, reducing dark under-eye circles and cooling puffy under-eye circles. This eye cream is designed to reveal a younger and more rested appearance with a tightening effect as well as using a ceramic applicator for a cooling effect.

Mesoestetic Age Element Firming Eye Contour

Skin Loving Ingredients

  • Peptides that strengthen the skin’s structure by stimulating protein synthesis.
  • Phytoactive tightening ingredients that provide a lifting effect.

  • [meso]epigen system™ that stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, restoring the skin’s elasticity.


The Mesoestetic Age Element Range

The Age Element range is tailored towards the three well known visual effects of ageing on your face. These ranges can be combined to treat differing issues of your skin; pigmentation, sagging and wrinkles.

  • Brightening – reducing melanin accumulation (pigmentation), this range is designed for customers seeing the first signs of ageing and those with more youthful skin. It combines your vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to protect, brighten and strengthen your skin. This includes protection against pollution induced oxidative stress. This range reduces the degradation of your skin, while giving your skin a healthy glow.
  • Firming – reduce the degradation of the skin causing sagging in your face and neckline. This range is designed as a light feeling range of creams and serums, giving you a tighter appearance to your skin. Using a combination of peptides and phyto-actives to stimulate collagen and restore the cushioning of your skin. If you are starting to feel a loss in firmness to your skin, this range will assist your skin to increase its collagen and elastin network to support your skin firmness, as well as hydrating and plumping your skin. This range is designed to make your skins act more efficiently, functioning better allowing for better protection against glycation.
  • Anti-Wrinkle – smoothing wrinkles, using the power of retinol (vitamin A), bio-peptides and growth factors. This is designed for skin that is aged, rough, dry and showing loss of volume and increased wrinkles. Increasing collagen fibres to renew and provide a more firm appearance while reducing the degradation of your skin. Improving the quality of your skin. Understanding this level of ageing starts to effect your whole face and needs more targeted assistance, the range includes a day and night cream, as well as eye and lip treatments and finally an intensive serum. Reducing expression lines by encouraging the relaxation of your muscles, plumping your skin with added hydration and stimulating the natural renewal process of your skin, all while including firming and tightening ingredients.


Why Choose Mesoestetic

Mesoestetic skincare is based on the connection between medical research, in house manufacturing and cutting edge technology. They are well known for having links with hospitals, universities and experienced specialists in the aesthetic industry. Having started as a manufacturer they have taken this further by investing heavily in research and development. Both of innovative products, medical equipment and techniques. The Mesoestetic skincare range is a support to their incredible in-clinic treatment options, with proven results and their medical equipment. The basis of their skin care goals is that you need to clean, treat and protect your skin everyday to achieve long-term skin health.

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