Mesoestetic Brightening Foam 100 ml


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Mesoestetic Brightening Foam 100 ml

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Creamy cleansing foam with AHA acids for normal and combination skin

Restoring, balancing and preventing pollution.

The foam gently exfoliates dead epidermis and visibly smoothes the skin, improving its structure thanks to the content of glycolic and lactic acid. It helps to maintain an appropriate bacterial microflora, thus strengthens the protective functions of the skin barrier. It has an antioxidant effect, protecting against the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

REJUVENATION, ILLUMINATION: the presence of glycolic and lactic acid in a mild concentration improves the texture, quality and luminosity of the skin.

BIOBALANCING ACTION: active post-biotic Lactobacillus ferment, obtained from bacterial fermentation, promotes the balance of microflora in order to strengthen and maintain the skin barrier function under optimal conditions.

ACTION AGAINST POLLUTION: the biotechnologically active Urban D-tox removes impurities deposited on the skin and reduces oxidative stress which accelerates skin aging.

For use twice a day – morning and evening.




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