Mesoestetic C.PROF 210 Depigmentation Solution 5x5ml

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Mesoestetic C.PROF 210 Depigmentation Solution 5x5ml

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Mesoestetic 210 – depigmentation solution is a depigmenting cocktail for face, hands and body. It regulates the production of melanin and reduces its amount in epidermal cells. It contains antioxidant substances that regulate its overproduction.
It is the perfect complement to the complex tran3x depigmentation therapy for sensitive and couperose skin.
Indications Brightening of hyperpigmentation changes and antioxidant activity Formula based on tyrosinase inhibitors Lowering the level of melanin synthesis Unify the skin tone and look younger
Composition Tranexamic acid – disrupts the interaction between melanocytes and keratinocytes. Nicotinamide – makes it difficult to transport melanin. N-acetylglucosamine – inhibits post-transcriptional modifications of tyrosinase. Vitamin C – illuminates and has antioxidant properties.

Attention! The product is intended for use by qualified medical personnel only.




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