Mesoestetic Mesohyal Carnitine 20x5ml

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Mesoestetic Mesohyal Carnitine 20x5ml

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Mesohyal Carnitine ® is an anti-cellulite treatment based on blend of 20% L-carnitine with a non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. It is indicated as a treatment for compact cellulite and fat deposits.

Mesohyal ® Carnitine includes amino acid L-carnitine which engaged in the metabolism of fatty acids. It is transferring fatty acids to the mitochondria, where acidification and subsequent energy extrication occur. Hyaluronic Acid ensures strong moisturizing and repairing the tissues aged by cellulite.

Mesohyal ® Carnitine, during the course of a mesotherapy treatment, can also be mixed with the following products to provide mesococktails:

  • to turn on lipolytic processes – Mesohyal ® Artichoke
  • for cellulite with a vascular element – Mesohyal ® Melilot
  • to tighten the skin after decreasing the volume in the treated area – Mesohyal ® DMAE

Treatment Procedure

  • Mesohyal ® Carnitine treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, and the patient can resume his/her daily life activities immediately after procedure. The treatment periods depend on the level of progression of the disorder. However, 8 to 12 manipulation are usually required at 8 to 15 day intervals.
  • Although Mesohyal ® Carnitine’s reducing action is immediate and long lasting, it does not avert the effects of bad habits on the body shape, so regular touch up sessions and maintenance treatments should be applied every 6-8 months, to keep the healthy appearance of the skin.

Treatment Areas

Mesohyal ® Carnitine should be injected in deep dermis. In case to receive a homogeneous composition for mesolift, fill the syringe with the most viscous agent (Mesohyal ® Hyaluronic) and then with the other agents in the same proportions. Thanks to it properties L-carnitine is specially suited to treat the areas most afflicted by compact cellulite: buttocks, anterior side of the thighs, abdomen, arms and back.




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