Mesoestetic Mesohyal NCTC 109 – 5x5ml

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Mesoestetic Mesohyal NCTC 109 – 5x5ml

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Mesohyal NCTC 109 ® is an intensive cell bio-revitalization product. This product is an ideal revitalizing solution, which consists of amino acids, coenzymes, mineral salts and vitamins. This product has vital micro nutrients that provides relief for your skin tissue deficiencies and enhances cell repair.

Mesohyal ® NCTC 109 is a balanced formula that enhances cell trophism of the tissue, and speed up cell biochemical processes. It is ideal for improving the quality of very thin skin areas, such as the upper lip or eye contour. The vitamins that the product contains have antioxidant activity and exert a trophic function. These components compensate for physiological bio-factor deficiencies in aged skin.

There are many benefits that Mesohyal ® NCTC 109 delivers. The most obvious benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Removal of wrinkles
  • Improves the tone of the skin
  • Prevents aging
  • Bio revitalization of dull skin

Duration of the Effect :

The product provides instant and long-lasting effect. However, it is recommended to have regular treatments every 6 months in order to keep the healthy appearance of the skin. It’s not a secret that everlasting beauty needs a constant care. Especially when it comes to the skin, so after the injection the skin still needs a good care, which includes touch up sessions. If patient wants to have a longer effect then a year later a touch up session will be helpful. If the patient wants to have another injection, at least 6 months need to pass after the last one.

Side Effects:

The Mesohyal ® NCTC 109 provides instantaneous and long-lasting rejuvenating effects, but, nothing stops human aging process. What we can do is to take a good care of our skin. This means that after the procedure, regular care and follow-up treatments are required for maintaining the results. The follow-up treatment periods vary from patient to patient, and may include touch up sessions. If a patient wants to have results that last longer than a year, a touch up session will be helpful.




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