Mesoestetic Mesopeel Melanoplus 30ml


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Mesoestetic Mesopeel Melanoplus 30ml

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Mesopeel Melanoplus (New 30ml)

Chemical peeling with self-neutralizing properties for topical application: discoloration, age spots, hyperpigmentation

pH <1 hydroalcoholic formula

Active ingredients

TCA 20% – Trichloroacetic acid is a derivative of acetic acid. It has a strong effect on skin proteins and causes their keratocoagulation, which is manifested by a white coating on the skin surface. In this way, it stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, improves the physiological and mechanical properties of the skin, making it more elastic, smooth and uniform.

Kojic acid 4% – is an inhibitor of tyrosinase involved in the formation of melanin. It has a depigmentation effect and brightens the skin, but does not cause irritation, which is why it works well in the care of dry skin.

1% feluric acid – a strong antioxidant, provides effective protection of the skin, and also has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.

Bexaretinyl complex – retinoids causing cell proliferation. The complex also has the effect of lightening discoloration and protects the skin against collagen loss, thanks to which it affects the structure of the epidermis and dermis


eliminating pigmentation changes, e.g. post-inflammatory discoloration, pigmented spots, melasma
perfect for use on the face, neck, cleavage, hands and the whole body

General therapy scheme

Phase I: skin preparation and protection

1. Perform make-up removal

2. Divide the patient’s skin area into zones (forehead, temples, nose, cheeks, chin, mouth area).

Assess the condition of the skin – confirm that there is no damage to the epidermis, no irritation or inflammation

3. Protect the patient’s eyes with water-soaked swabs. Contact lens wearers should remove them before surgery

4. Apply Mesoestetic® Degreaser to thoroughly clean and degrease the skin

5. Protect particularly sensitive places (eye corners, nose wings, nasolabial folds, mouth contour) with an intensively regenerating cream

Fast Skin Repair Mesoestetic®

Phase II: Mesopeel ™ peeling application

application techniques: brush, medical gauze, cotton bud

Peeling does not require neutralization

Home care:

After the treatment with chemical peels, the skin is very sensitive and prone to the harmful effects of external factors. Therefore, it should be used

appropriate preparations accelerating the regeneration of the epidermis, protecting against UV radiation and providing the skin with an appropriate level

hydration. In the recovery period after the treatment, Fast Skin Repair cream should be used. Apply the cream to the skin twice a day (in the morning

and in the evening) or without restrictions on an ad hoc basis, whenever there is such a need. You can also use the Anti-Stress Face Mask after treatment.

For a period of at least 30 days after the treatment, high sun protection should be used in the form of Mesoprotech sunscreen creams tailored to the specific type of skin.





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