Mesoestetic Ultimate Micropeel 150ml


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Mesoestetic Ultimate Micropeel 150ml

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INDICATIONS: all skin types, dull skin, acne-prone skin

DESCRIPTION: is a product recommended for all skin types, with particular emphasis on dull, acne-prone skin. The peeling, thanks to the alpha-hydroxy acid complex (AHA), perfectly smoothes out uneven skin, reduces the visibility of discoloration and restores natural illumination. Enzymatic peeling removes dead epidermal cells, refreshing the complexion. Urban D-tox counteracts oxidative stress and protects the skin against environmental factors.


  • improvement of hydration,
    reduction of post-acne discoloration,
    exfoliating action,
    restoration of shine,
    for all types of skin, with particular emphasis on dull, acne-prone skin.


  • Alpha-hydroxy acid complex – lactic, lactobionic, glycolic, malic, citric and tartaric acids with exfoliating and renewing properties; smoothing, improving the appearance, reducing acne discoloration and giving shine,
    Enzyme peeling – an ingredient that exfoliates dead epidermal cells, while stimulating skin renewal,
    Squalane – obtained from olive oil, a component of sebum that creates a protective filter on the skin, prevents aging processes,
    Lactobacillus Ferment – an ingredient that protects against pathogens and allergens; soothing, regenerating and anti-aging properties,
    Urban D-tox – an ingredient of plant origin with antioxidant and protective properties,
    Urea – strong moisturizing properties.


Shake the bottle to mix both phases of the preparation, and then apply a cotton swab to the cleansed skin of the face (excluding any lesions).
Leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then wash it off with water.
Use twice a week.




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