MESOHEAL+ KORU Pharma 5 x 2,5ml


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MESOHEAL+ KORU Pharma 5 x 2,5ml

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It is a modern, highly efficient product based on hyaluronic acid, developed for skin biorevitalization.MESOHEAL + injections improve skin quality and help achieve a quick and visible skin rejuvenation effect. Thanks to its ideal biochemical parameters, the product provides the most desirable effects of renovation and restructuring based on a safe physiological process.
COMPOSITION OF THE PRODUCT:high concentration of hyaluronic acid in 2.5 ml of the product.Each syringe contains 25 mg of 1500 kDa non-cross-linked hyaluronic acidActive ingredients: sodium hyaluronate – 25 mg.


Application: age-related skin changes; skin dehydration; pronounced expression lines; skin with signs of photographic and chronological aging; reduction of tissue tension and elasticity; discoloration of the skin around the face, neck and neckline; pigmentation; dehydrated skin after sunbathing, tanning beds or low temperatures; dysfunction of the sebaceous glands; acne treatment;





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