MesoLogic MesoRegen iPRF (4 test tubes x 10 ml / 1-2 treatments)



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MesoLogic MesoRegen iPRF (4 test tubes x 10 ml / 1-2 treatments)

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i-PRF is injectable platelet rich fibrin. It contains more concentrated platelets than PRP. It contains a high concentration of stem cells. Thanks to that, it positively influences the skin regeneration process. We also get spectacular healing effects.
The substances can be used primarily to smooth out wrinkles, improve the density and tension of the skin, accelerate its regeneration and minimize the process of male baldness. Fibrin is used not only in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, but also in dentistry and orthopedics.

i-PRF is the latest generation platelet concentrate. Autologous fibrin is obtained from the patient’s blood, which is centrifuged using a specially adapted centrifuge. The process is extremely simple and the technique used to obtain fibrin was developed by Professor Choukroun.

Compared to PRF, even more concentrated platelets are contained in injectable platelet-rich fibrin (i-PRF), which also contains a high concentration of mesinchemic stem cells.

The action of autologous fibrin is based on the gradual release of growth factors by platelets, which is an important element in the regeneration process of the skin, the cells of which only then begin to produce the receptors necessary to achieve the best therapeutic effects.

Over the years, i-PRF has become an increasingly popular issue among researchers who successfully confirm the beneficial effects of the preparation both in the field of dentistry and orthopedics, as well as in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Fibrin is not only a platelet concentrate, it is also an immunological material that collects in a single fibrin membrane components necessary for healing and strengthening immunity. PRF contains a fibrin matrix polymerized in a tetra molecular structure, platelets, cytokines, leukocytes and stem cells.

As a result of the gradual coagulation of fibrin, and at the same time the network within which repair processes take place, wrinkles are visibly smoothed, skin tension and density are improved, epidermis and dermis regenerated, and male pattern baldness is significantly reduced.

Treatments with the use of i-PRF are most often used for: face (cheeks, crow’s feet, eyelids, forehead, nasolabial fold), chin, mouth, neck, neckline, hands and scalp.

The package contains:

2 x gauze pad for puncture disinfection

2 x butterfly punch with handle

4 x 10ml iPRF vacuum tubes

2 x blunt needle with flit

2 x iPRF download needle

2 x 3 ml syringes

2 x needle 30Gx13mm

2 x 30Gx4mm needle

8 x identification sticker

2 x Patient Home Use Mask




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