MM System Pre-Peeling Cleanser 20% AHA 60ml

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MM System Pre-Peeling Cleanser 20% AHA 60ml

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WHITE LINE – Facial Cleansing

Cleansing fluid for professional use and for the so-called “home peeling”. It contains 20% glycolic acid.

Application: Evenly cleanses, removes fat, dead cells and skin sebum. It facilitates the penetration and increases the effectiveness of active substances applied immediately after applying the pre-peeling.

Application: Apply the Pre-Peeling Cleanser to cleansed, dry skin, massage gently until it starts to foam slightly. In order to increase the effect, leave the preparation for a longer time (about 5 minutes), then rinse with water and dry the skin thoroughly. Apply appropriate depigmentation-brightening cream / gel or other active substances. Pre-Peeling Cleanser can be used as a check-up before peeling, highlighting the most sensitive points on the skin.


Mene&Moy System


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