Monoderma C10 28×0,5ml


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Monoderma C10 28×0,5ml

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Only vitamin in free form, minimalist formulation, absence of preservatives, fragrances and colorants.

  • Formulated to reduce the risk of sensitization and allergic reactions
  • Product stability and protection
  • Practicality and ease of use

MonoDermà® contains pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) at a concentration of 10%.

Vitamin C is a powerful ally against the signs of ageing as it counteracts the action of free radicals and promotes the production of collagen.
Vitamin C not only prevents wrinkles, but helps control cutaneous hyperpigmentation, which commonly takes the form of dark spots on the face.

MonoDermà® C10, day after day, restores the natural elasticity to the skin, giving the face a more toned and compact aspect.
The lightening action of MonoDermà® C10 makes the skin more radiant and fresh.

The high anti-oxidant power of Vitamin C is an important factor in the protection against UVA and UVB rays, especially if applied in combination with vitamin E.
In fact, there is a synergistic relationship between the two vitamins: Vitamin C regenerates Vitamin E, thereby increasing the action against the damage caused by free radicals.


  • Counteracts skin hyper-pigmentation
  • Anti-oxidant and photo-protective action (counteracts the damages caused by UVA and UVB rays)
  • Keeps skin elastic
  • Favours collagen synthesis
  • Combacts skin ageing


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