Monoderma OCTASIN-AGE 60+


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Monoderma OCTASIN-AGE 60+

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OCTASIN-AGE is much more than an anti-ageing treatment. It is a shield against time that, with its regenerating effect, reduces visible signs of ageing, restores plumpness, firmness, smoothness and brightness to a more mature skin.
Its silky texture is fast-absorbing and gives an immediate comfort and soft touch to your skin.

Octatrienoic acid, the exclusive active ingredient of OCTASIN-AGE result of several years of research by Giuliani, is capable of responding globally to the needs of the skin marked by more severe signs of ageing such as deeper wrinkles, accentuated dullness and loss of plumpness. It has proved in vivo and in vitro studies to have significant:

  • Cell renewal-healing activity
  • Activity against photo-scenescence
  • Dermal remodeling activity
  • Anti-oxidant activity

Results in:

  • Regenerated, Fuller, Smoother and more Radiant skin


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