NATINUEL AGE SPOT serum ampoules 6 x 2 ml

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NATINUEL AGE SPOT serum ampoules 6 x 2 ml

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Sterile liquid for discoloration.
Capacity: 6 x 2ml ampoules
Structure Sterile fluid.
Properties of AGE SPOT SERUM:
The product contains a series of active substances that affect various biochemical phases of melanogenesis, regulating it and gradually brightening hyperpigmentation spots.
• Has an antioxidant effect
• It is a chelate of heavy metals, especially copper – makes it unavailable for tyrosinase
• Blocks the tyrosinase enzyme – inhibits the action of the enzyme, not its production
• Blocks the polymerization of 5,6 di-hydroxyindole 2 carboxyl (DHICA-polymerase)
• Brightening effect, transforms melanin produced by melanocytes into colorless pigments. This allows for the lightening of existing discolorations until they are completely removed
• Affects the transformation of melanosomes into keratinocytes, supports the removal and dispersion of melanin granules in melanocytes





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