NATINUEL Body Prime 150ml

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NATINUEL Body Prime 150ml

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Slimming and modeling anti-cellulite cream.

In its composition, the product includes everything that can be used from the most advanced research for effective structural action against cellulite. The latest active substances such as glaucin and dihydromyricetin have been combined with a special peptide based on escin, with carnitine (in a complex form that optimizes its transfer and slow release) and with an anti-cellulite complex that synergistically strengthens the mechanism of action of the other active substances. For the first time, these substances are able to interact with each other at the root of the cellulite problem in a completely innovative way, promoting the reconstruction of the skin’s supporting tissue through the revision of adipose tissue. In short, to transform cellulite skin into off. PRIME will support the gradual transformation of cellulite into “new” skin, smooth, turned off, without knots and lumps, improving the drainage of retained fluids and metabolic waste, progressive reduction of the volume of areas with cellulite to create a new silhouette that does not need to be masked, but is a pleasure to show.




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