NATINUEL Cleanser 8 – 150ml

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Emulsion for daily cleaning of a normal skin. It does not contain SLS and SLESLast bottle on stockr

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NATINUEL Cleanser 8 – 150ml

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Cleanser PHAs-AHA 8% is an emulsion that does not contain SLES, so it does not cause irritation. It contains a mixture of valuable and delicate surfactants, combined with specific AHAs, trehalose and plant substances that ensure optimal cleansing of the skin, maintaining the homeostasis of the stratum corneum. pH: 4.5

Intended for the care of normal skin,


  • Thoroughly cleansed skin,
  • The hydrolipid balance of the stratum corneum is preserved.
  • After rinsing, it leaves a pleasant feeling of purity, softness and freshness of the skin, creates ideal conditions for the application of the appropriate NATINUEL product line.

Glycolic acid, Almond Acid, Trealix

Apply a small amount of preparation on the face and spread with water, lightly massaging about 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

A bottle of 150 ml



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