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Rapid absorption hypoallergenic serum, paraben free. The fragrance used does not contain allergens.

HOMEO ROSE SERUM: Professional serum for couperose skin care for intensely reddened face areas and skin with rosacea. The formula of the preparation has been developed so that the individual ingredients interact with each other to affect various aspects of the problem and help to normalize the skin condition. Contains a mix of active substances that facilitate the normalization of inflammatory processes, reduce vasodilation and microvascular permeability, strengthen capillary walls and reduce sensitivity
skin to temperature changes.

• Effectively combats the couperose problem.
• Normalizes the excessive growth of microcirculation.
• Seals capillary walls.
• Significantly reduces redness, also chronic.
• Helps fight rosacea.
• Reduces the skin’s sensitivity to temperature changes.
• Strengthens the skin barrier.

Active substances:

VPG-FACTOR S15- Natinuel exclusivity: A biomimetic complex derived from growth factors. It allows you to achieve full vascular reconstruction, has anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effects, allows you to maintain and regain the integrity of the capillaries, improves cell oxygenation, increases the tolerance threshold of sensitive skin, reduces the skin’s reactivity to various stimuli.

REGU-COMPLEX: Reduces skin redness, prevents irritation, blocks the release of protease. It has unique soothing properties, reduces the occurrence of telangiectasia.

CRYSTAL SKIN 1000: Dermocompatible complex containing lipids of the extracellular matrix of the stratum corneum, creates a wide area of ​​adhesion, which improves the penetration of water-soluble substances through the epidermis, and helps to maintain the continuity of the skin barrier.

Treatment indicated to improve muscle tone and volume.

Mechanism of action:

The process of muscle contraction takes place when acetylcholine is released at the neuromuscular junction.

During the resting phase, a small amount of acetylcholine is always released to keep the muscles tense.

Aging reduces the secretion of neurotransmitters and, consequently, also reduces the amount of acetylcholine released.

This leads to a reduction in muscle tone and muscle wilt”.

The removal of this imperfection is based on the strengthening of the muscle tone in order to improve the stretching of the skin tissues.

Acetylcholine is a derivative of choline (which in turn is a derivative of DMAE).

Therefore, administration of this precursor at the muscle level leads to an improvement in the concentration of acetylcholine and improves tissue tension. As for the body, the treatment is applied to the lateral and lower parts of the pectoral muscle to lift the breasts and to the top of the gluteal muscle to lift the buttocks.

It is also used on the triceps muscle of the arm to tighten the arms and on the quadriceps muscle to tone the legs.

Application method:

The product is used on hypotonic muscles of the body (it can also be inserted using the SKIN PEN-Natinuel mesotherapy device).

The treatment is performed every 15 days for 4 applications, then 1 treatment a month to maintain the effects.

Strengthen the muscles of the body to improve the anti-gravity muscle tone of the skin tissues.


The product is intended for use on the body only.




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