NATINUEL Hydra-Gen 50 ml cream

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NATINUEL Hydra-Gen 50 ml cream

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NATINUEL Hydra-Gen 50 ml


Cream with a light consistency, no parabens. The fragrance used does not contain any allergens.


HYDRA-MOIST CREAM: A cream intended for daily care of normal and dry skin. It creates an imperceptible coating that protects against dehydration, maintaining an adequate level of hydration of the physiological horny layer, typical of young skin.


  • Instant improvement of hydration: average time: 12-24 hours, long-term hydration: up to 20 days
  • Aligns TEWL (Excessive Through Epidermal Water Loss).
  • Reduces the persistent dryness characteristic of young and delicate skin.
  • It improves the integrity of the extracellular matrix of the epidermis.
  • Allows you to maintain the lipid balance of the stratum corneum.

Active substances

LIPOMOIST COMPLEX: A molecular film that is easily absorbed into the stratum corneum. It has an intense moisturizing effect that brings immediate smoothness to the skin, reduces TEWL, improves the integrity of the epidermal cells.

SEA MOIST COMPLEX: Complex with intense moisturizing properties, supports the reconstruction of dry skin. It improves the ‘structural continuity’ of the stratum corneum and the function of the biosynthesis of the epidermis.

SUN-UV UVB FILTERS: They guarantee medium protection against damage caused by UV radiation, they do not give the skin an unsightly white film or blue typical for many filters.


Apply in the morning and evening on well cleansed face and neck. In order to increase the care effect, it should be applied in combination with Hydra-Moist Mask. Hydra-Moist Mask is recommended 3 times a week.

Capacity: 50 ml jar





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