NATINUEL Interactive Cream 50 ml


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NATINUEL Interactive Cream 50 ml

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Anti-wrinkle reparative, bio-regenerating, multifunctional cream

Cream rich in growth factors, featuring highly concentrated active ingredients, ensuring a complete, deep restructuring and regeneration of the epidermis, the dermis and the basal membrane (Dermal-Epidermal Junction). Its strong and long-lasting bio-stimulation of fibroblasts is accompanied by specific action aimed at regularizing micro-inflammation and degeneration of the main catabolic processes such as MMPs and glycation.


BENEFITS: regenerates DEJ components, regenerates ECM components • optimizes physiological state of the skin • optimizes epidermal regeneration with enhanced bio-functionality of stem cells • counteracts glycation and regulates MMPs.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Pentapeptide-31, G-Factor Complex • aFGF Acid Fibroblast GROWTH Factor • bFGF Basic Fibroblast GROWTH Factor • Idebenone • Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid






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