NATINUEL Lipodren 200ml

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NATINUEL Lipodren 200ml

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LIPODREN Natinuel Lipogel reducing, draining, detoxifying, vasotonic. – 200 ml


  • LIPODREN: Lipoemulsion rich in active ingredients and saturated with various types of salts. The product has specific indications for the reduction of local volumetric excesses.
  • It allows for a strong and immediate drainage of toxins and congestive fluids, leaving a pleasant feeling of lightness.
  • Lipodren has direct and indirect benefits in terms of drainage, peripheral microcirculation and metabolic exchange at the subcutaneous level.


  • Supports the elimination of metabolic products
  • It has an intense draining effect
  • It has anti-inflammatory cleansing properties
  • It reduces puffiness
  • It indirectly improves the peripheral microcirculation
  • It improves oxygenation and metabolic exchange

Active substances

  • MIX OF OSMOTIC SALTS – (Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride) A mixture of salts rich in trace elements capable of carrying, through ion exchange, all the energy stored in nature. In addition to remineralizing properties, salts have an antiseptic, balance-restoring effect, and above all, have strong osmotic properties. In fact, osmosis is the most important function that salt develops when it comes into contact with the cell membrane of the human body. As a result of osmosis, water present in cells and extracellular fluids will flow into the solution with the highest salt concentration.
  • PROANTHYANIDINS – Proanthocyanidins improve circulation by strengthening the walls of blood vessels. Therefore, their use is useful for people with impaired cardiovascular system. Proanthocyanidins also inhibit the production of histamine and are therefore also used in the treatment of allergies.
  • MANGO BUTTER + COCONUT OIL – The substances are balanced in a balanced way and have softening and regenerating properties.
  • WIT C + WIT E – Substances with an antioxidant effect. They maintain the integrity of the capillaries, improve the mechanisms of cell exchange and counteract lipoperoxidation of cell membranes.




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