NATINUEL RX 50 peeling set for 6 treatments RX50

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NATINUEL RX 50 peeling set for 6 treatments RX50

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Rx50 peeling is designed for all skin types. Thanks to its specific, oily structure it allows you to combine the treatment with the revitalizing massage. The preparation can be used regardless of the season.

skin with signs of aging
strengthening of delicate skin
improvement of regenerative anabolic processes

Peeling uses the synergy of the action of nine active substances on different levels of the skin. Rx50 interacts with corneodesmosomes and at the same time has antioxidant, chelating and protective cellular DNA. It improves oxygen absorption by cells, accelerates metabolism, supports the restoration of balance between biochemical reactions in the skin.

· Revitalizes epidermal cell replacement.
· Increases cellular energy.
· Revitalizes fibroblasts.
· Optimizes the production of collagen and elastin.

Active substances:
Phase A: proline, lysine, glycine, phytic acid
Phase B: succinic acid, ferulic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, pyruvic acid

PYROGRONIC ACID: It is an alpha-keto acid, occurring in a natural form (apples, fermented fruits, vinegar). Thanks to its lipophilicity, it penetrates deeper and faster. Has the action:
· Acantolitic: reduces adhesion between keratinocytes,
· Stimulating: proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes,
· Depigmentation: accelerates the elimination and exchange of cells with discoloration,
· Rebuilding: activates the neosynthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin.

GLYCOLY-MILK ACID: Affect the connections between corneocytes. Activators of mechanisms regulating the energy metabolism of cells.

AMBER ACID: Amber acid is a dicarboxylic acid. It is a chelate, and in particular a copper chelate (copper occurs in the active tyrosinase cycle and is essential in the activity of this enzyme). Amber acid plays a significant role in the functioning of mitochondria, being part of the respiratory chain of the Krebs cycle. It is a component of the citric acid cycle and is able to give away electrons from the electron transport chain in response:

Bursztynian + FAD → fumarate + FADH2.

Amber acid prevents and combats skin aging by revitalizing the mitochondria.

FERULIC ACID: Ferulic acid has the ability to neutralize free radicals, in particular free radicals called superoxide, hydroxyl radicals and nitrogen oxides. A substance derived from phenol with the following properties: antioxidant – increases the potency of anti-oxidant vitamins Ci E, anti-inflammatory – prevents the activation of NfF KB, depigmentation – inhibits tyrosinase, photoprotective – increases the effectiveness of other sunscreens, protects cell DNA.

PHYTIC ACID: This is a bio-molecule found in many seeds and plants. It has antioxidant activity, reduces lipid peroxidation, has chelating properties, thanks to the ability to remove heavy metals (and in particular copper, which is the basic element of the enzyme tyrosinase in the production of melanin). Phytic acid prevents irritation and cellular damage caused by free radicals and damage to the protective barrier function of the skin. Phytic acid strengthens the skin against the harmful effects of external factors.

AMINO ACIDS: Precipiers of COLLAGEN and ELASTINE. Amino acids are molecules containing nitrogen and are components of proteins. Each protein has a unique amino acid sequence that defines the structure and function. GLYCIN, HYDROXYPROLINE, PROLINES are the main components of collagen. Lysine, on the other hand, is the main component of desmosine polyamino acid, which is an elastic hinge.





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