NewU Lift Strong PDO 19G/100mm/185mm (8 pcs.)

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NewU Lift Strong PDO 19G/100mm/185mm (8 pcs.)

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Lift Strong embossed thread PDO 19G/100mm/165mm

NewU Lift Strong embossed thread of the latest generation – hooks are formed by forming, and not by cutting the thread as before. Thanks to this method, the hooks are thicker, which causes less traumatization of the tissue and are more densely embedded on the thread. As a result of forming, a double-toothed suture is created, which offers much more benefits in terms of tissue lifting force (string pull force is 2.7 kg)

Embossed threads: hooks arranged in two directions, additionally alternating anchoring and pulling hooks. Thanks to this, you can get a spectacular effect


W-type cannula

Cannula thickness 19G

Cannula length 100mm

Thread length 185mm


Weight 1 kg


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