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Dr.OHHIRA® COLLAGEN is an original innovative formula of beauty, youthfulness & health combining high quality water-soluble low-molecular-weight fish collagen & collagen tripeptide extracted from scales, skins and bones of fish (Red Snapper), as a part of Anti-Age TRIO, and powerful complex of antioxidants.

7,75 g of collagen (MW* ≤1000) & collagen tripeptide (MW ≤500)
Collagen has a valuable role in keeping the skin beautiful. It makes up about 30% of the whole-body protein content and forms skin, bones and blood vessels.

Elastin (MW ≤1100)
This exists in tissues of almost whole body including artery (blood vessel), lung, skin, ligament and organs. Elastin integrates with collagen to support the elasticity of skin and tissues.

Hyaluronic acid (MW ≤ 50000, 93% pure)
This is originally contained in the ground substance of the dermis where elasticity, moisture and firmness of the skin are maintained.Fermented vegetable extract OM-X®
This is a combination of botanical ingredients naturally fermented with a mix of 12 kinds of probiotic strains for 5 years. Even if an excellent element is taken in, it cannot be absorbed to the body if the intestinal environment is not straightened.

  • Vitamin C – This performs an important role in the synthesis of collagen within the body.
  • Co-enzyme Q10 – An important ingredient that supports your daily energy level and youthfulness
  • Royal jelly – An ingredient with many nutrients essential for health. It contains what our body needs including essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other abundant nutrients.

Ingredients: Fish collagen, Blueberry juice, Collagen tripeptide (from fish), Raw royal jelly, Co-enzyme Q10, Fermented probiotic &amp




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