PainLess pre-treatment cream 200ml ( 9% Lidocaine, 3% Tetracaine)

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PainLess pre-treatment cream 200ml ( 9% Lidocaine, 3% Tetracaine)

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PAINLESS PRE-TREATMENT CREAM 200 ml – is a non-sterile medical cosmetic in the form of a light cream. For external use.
Proven, effective pre-treatment anesthetic cream. (9%+3%)

PAINLESS 200 ml cream acts on pain endings and sensory nerves, resulting in a fully reversible surface anesthesia. The cream is completely safe. To be used externally only. The degree of anesthesia depends on the time the cream is left on the skin and on the individual sensitivity of the skin.

For surface anesthesia of the skin before aesthetic medicine treatments, i.e. mesotherapy, laser treatments, tattoos, permanent makeup and other aesthetic medicine and cosmetology treatments.

Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredient of the cream. Do not use on irritated skin. Take special care in the case of severe liver or kidney failure, epilepsy.

The cream is intended for external use, topically on the skin. Do not exceed a dose of 10 G per area.

Apply a layer of about 1 mm with a wide brush on clean and degreased skin, apply occlusion. Leave the cream on the skin for 20-30 minutes. Then remove it thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes. Use with caution around the eyes. If the cream accidentally gets into the eye, rinse immediately with clean water.

Side effects:
Erythema, discoloration, pale skin, pruritus, hives. Rare allergic reactions to lidocaine may occur. When the cream is used correctly, the occurrence of adverse reactions is unlikely.




2 reviews for PainLess pre-treatment cream 200ml ( 9% Lidocaine, 3% Tetracaine)

  1. Anastasia Biletska

    Good local topic cream

  2. Anastasia Biletska

    very nice numbing cream

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