PBSerum HA 2.0 Medium

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PBSerum HA 2.0 Medium

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PBSerum is the most modern product line of the Spanish Proteos Biotech laboratory based on innovative technology that uses recombinant enzymes. Extremely effective preparations in the treatment of scars, stretch marks, cellulite and reduction of fat deposits.

A unique combination of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid with a reagent based on a properly balanced cocktail of enzymes.

In the biotechnology laboratories of Proteos Biotech, development and production processes are used in accordance with the highest safety standards and the ISO 13485 standard.

Why are the preparations so special?

  • Enzymes (proteins) in the human body that selectively catalyze metabolic processes. They are responsible for the formation and breakdown of relationships. Recombinant enzymes are highly selective and each of them acts on a specific substrate.

Proteos Biotech’s enzymes are lipase, collagenase and lyase. They work synergistically to fight the fibrotic processes.


  • The biotechnological production process with the use of microorganisms enables the production of cleaner enzymes with a simpler structure. As a result, the products are even more effective and hypoallergenic.


  • Freeze-drying – a method of preservation based on the removal of water by quickly freezing the product.
  • The freeze-drying process affects the stability of the products. The enzymes retain 100% of their properties and are active without adding any preservatives. Production takes place in a class A clean room – this guarantees the sterility of the products. Thanks to freeze-drying, the products do not require storage in low temperatures. Temperature: 1–30 ° C


  • The effectiveness of pbserum MEDICAL enzymes has been tested in vitro and in vivo.
  • The results of in vivo tests show that the preparations are perfect for the treatment of fibrosis, and the effects are visible after the first application. Thanks to the properties of recombinant enzymes and their sterile preservation (freeze-drying), the products are characterized by a high degree of safety.


  • PBSerum is class III medical devices, certified by the AEMPS agency
  • Successful audits by BSI and KIWA
  • ISO 13485 certificate, which means that the company is qualified to manufacture and market class III medical devices.

The package contains:

1. PBSerum HA 1.5: PBserum HA1.5 is a hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight of 8 mg / ml and slightly cross-linked. It has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties and stimulates the reorganization of collagen fibers in damaged tissues. Thanks to its characteristics, it is ideal for inhibiting, combating and preventing the occurrence of fibrosis, which is the basis of our treatment. PBSerum HA1.5 is compatible with the use of enzymatic reagents of various intensities.

2. Enzymatic reagent with moderate action “MEDIUM”: It helps to reduce excess body fat accompanying fibrosis. It stimulates lipid metabolism and triglyceride degradation to reduce adipocyte volume in areas with excessive fat accumulation. Contains active substances: Collagenase Col G / H PB220, Lipaza PB500, Liaza LYA PB72K


Fibrosis with accumulation of fat
Fat deposits

Preparation of the solution:

1. Fill the vial with hyaluronic acid from the 1.5 ml syringe into the vial containing the lyophilized powder, shake thoroughly (enzyme activation).

2. Then, with the same syringe, inject the resulting solution into the bottle containing the buffer solution and shake it.

3. If necessary, you can add 2-3 ml of lidocaine to this solution.

4. Gradually add the solution using a 5ml syringe and a needle (30G 25mm recommended) to the problem area.

5. For smaller areas it is better to use only half of the buffer solution. In this case, remove half of the solution before mixing the solution from the bottle using a syringe and a long needle.

6. The reconstituted solution cannot be stored and must be used immediately.


  • Injection into deep layers of the skin (5-10mm)
  • The number of injection sites depends on the amount of fat to be broken down.
  • Area: 20x20cm area
  • Re-treatment: within 8-10 days
  • Recommended number of treatments: 1-4
  • First visible results: after about 10-14 days. During injection, the patient usually experiences a burning sensation, which disappears after the injection.
  • In sensitive patients, it is recommended to add lidocaine to the solution (see “Preparation of the solution”).

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