PBSerum HA TOTAL Corrector

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PBSerum HA TOTAL Corrector

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PBSerum Total Corrector is a preparation with the best hyaluronidase on the market, which in the process of hydrolysis eliminates the effects of improper administration or allergic reactions after the administration of hyaluronic acid fillers. The process of complete disintegration and removal of hyaluronic acid from the body takes up to 3 weeks, while the first effects are noticeable after a few minutes. The enzyme can be used immediately after the administration of hyaluronic acid or at another time, even several months after the treatment with the filler. As a result of the administration of hyaluronidase, the excess acid is hydrolyzed, the skin at the injection site becomes smooth, and the swelling is significantly reduced.

Complete removal of hyaluronic acid in the case of:

  • improperly selected filler or its shift,
  • allergic reaction to the preparation with HA,
  • too much filler introduced,
  • visible lumps formed as a result of too shallow filler application,
  • edema caused by the patient’s improper convalescence process.


  • Hyaluronidase 25 µkat – ingredient dissolving hyaluronic acid of natural origin and used in fillers
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1 review for PBSerum HA TOTAL Corrector

  1. Anonym

    Sehr gutes Produkt, tut was es soll und ist keine Fakeware. Etwas Geduld sollte man mitbringen, bei mir dauerte es zwei Wochen bis zur kompletten Sichtbarkeit der Auflösung der vor Jahren falsch gesetzten Hyaluronsäure.

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