PBSerum Multivit Complex 3ml vial no box

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PBSerum Multivit Complex 3ml vial no box

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PBSerum Renewal Multivit Complex – multivitamin revitalizing cocktail is a cosmeceutical intended for home use.Recommended for oily skin with irritation and acne-prone skin. It revitalizes the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties, exfoliates (smart peeling) and accelerates healing.
Indications Oily skin Reduction of minor irritations Reduction of sebum Reduce stains and unevenness Counteracting dermatitis
Active ingredients PB333 keratinase enzyme – for exfoliation and elimination of hyperkeratosis and cell renewal. Removes keratin that blocks the sebaceous ducts and improves the appearance of the skin. PB500 lipase enzyme – regulating serum secretion Complex of B vitamins (B1, B3, B5, B6)
Use Preparation for external use 1 bottle of lyophilisate for preparation of the suspension. To dilute the drug, 0.9% physiological sodium chloride solution with a volume of 3 ml is used. Optionally, to introduce a cosmeceutical, heat emitting devices can be used, which will additionally strengthen the enzyme’s activity, e.g. electroporation, phonophoresis, diode laser.
Areas Face, neck and cleavage
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