Placen Formula HP 12x10ml WT-Method


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Placen Formula HP 12x10ml WT-Method

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Your hair falls out? Are they weakened after pregnancy? Do you suffer from alopecia areata? Are you after chemotherapy? Do you lead a stressful lifestyle? Hair is weak and damaged? German PLACENTA HP is the cure for your hair!The package contains 12 ampoules with a capacity of 10ml
Effectively eliminates the occurrence of plaque” bald spots.It significantly reduces hair loss.Strengthens weak and thin hair.Moisturizes and oxygenates the hair roots.Gives shine and durability to hair with a weak structure.Heals hair from the inside.Increases the volume of hairThis preparation is the latest achievement in the field of advanced microbiology. It consists of an extract (extract) from an animal placenta. Placen hp is enriched with amino acids contained in keratin (without male and female hormones) and other effective ingredients, which thanks to special processes are kept in liquid form.The advantage of the placen hp preparation is the lack of contraindications in use. Pregnant women and after pregnancy, which lack of amino acids destroys hair and nails can quickly fill gaps and take care of your hairstyle. After chemotherapy, diets and stress, it provides fast hair regeneration. Even in the case of genetic baldness (especially in men), it is possible to stop this process by supplementing the amino acids in the hair bulb on an ongoing basis.Thanks to the positive properties of providing the hair with the ideal structure and physiological activation of the barrier against the effects of the weakening effect of the placen, hp is a means that precisely prevents hair loss. In addition, thanks to its excellent, beneficial effect, it protects against any negative phenomena that may arise from the improper nutritional status of the hair bulb. From hair loss to baldness, from dandruff to loss of keratin.HOW TO USE: Hair should be washed with a mild shampoo and rinsed well. Apply the placen formula HP on the scalp using the pipette placed on the ampoule. Then make an intensive 10 minute massage of the scalp by applying the fingertips of both hands to the axis of the ears and then the forehead – the skin. Massage the preparation with circular movements of firmly pressed fingers (however without moving them over the scalp). The epidermis should be red and emit warmth. After the treatment, you can apply other preparations to your hair and finish hairdressing. If there is no redness of the scalp in the first week of treatment, apply 3 ampoules per week, then 2. For chronic problems with hair after the treatment (12 ampoules), prophylactically 1 ampoule per week should be used.To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, it is recommended to use the Azul formula shampoo, which additionally supports the treatment against hair loss.

Apply Placenta HP also with permanent permission! Special advantages of using hp placen in durable alkaline or acidic solvents for all types of liquids:
Durable is more naturalParticularly good effects occur with long and weak hairIt protects the hair structure from the negative effects of hairdressing chemistryProlongs durable even with thin and weak hairgives the hair elasticity and “calms” itUsage:After rinsing the permanent waving fluid, the hair should be dried. Then dilute the hp placenta with water in a 1: 1 ratio, apply on the rollers and allow 4 minutes for the solution to be absorbed. Without rinsing, the hair is dried again, causing the specifics to stop in the hair, then you can proceed to fixation.




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