POLY-N Strong Plus 2ml

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POLY-N Strong Plus 2ml

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Innovative tissue stimulators and redermalizers based on strongly rejuvenating polynucleotides.

Thanks to the content of nucleotides in the form of nucleic acids, the preparations mobilize fibroblasts for intensive reconstruction of collagen and elastin, thanks to which the skin regains its youthful contours and visibly smoothes out.

Thanks to the ability of polynucleotides for strong tissue hydration and long-term improvement of skin tone, it gives volume to flabby skin.

Poly-N regenerate damaged tissues, and also increase the resistance of cell DNA to negative influence
ultraviolet radiation and oxidative stress.

Thanks to the synergistic effect on various types of skin cells and the improvement of their metabolic functions, Poly-N is the most comprehensive and multidimensional way of skin rejuvenation.

Effects of use

Strong stimulation of fibroblasts and endogenous hyaluronic acid,
reconstruction of collagen and elastin,
Rebuilding the cohesion and density of the skin,
skin soft-lifting,
Smoothing wrinkles and reducing creases,
Improving the hydration and hydration of tissues,
Antioxidant protection of skin cells.


Strong + Polynucleotides 25mg/ml

Treatment series

2-3 treatments every 14 days / 1 booster treatment every 3-4 months

Treatment technique

5-point, deposit, back-line


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