Professional Led Mask 7 colors


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Professional Led Mask 7 colors

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Led therapy indications:

acne removal,
strengthening blood vessels,
acceleration of skin regeneration,
stimulation of collagen synthesis,
lightening discolorations,
soothes irritations and accelerates skin healing,
after cleansing treatments, microneedle and needle mesotherapy.

The LED mask comes with seven colors: red, blue, light blue, green, purple, yellow and white:

Red color (650-730nm): stimulates the skin to increase the production of collagen and elastin, which helps reduce wrinkles and improve skin firmness. It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces redness.
Blue color (430-450nm): helps heal existing acne lesions and prevents the formation of new ones by destroying P.acne bacteria. Regulates the functioning of sebaceous glands and shrinks enlarged pores.
Green color (525-550nm): affects melanocytes. Brightens and reduces discoloration, freckles and age spots. Reduces wrinkles and scars.
Purple color (380-430nm): Treats acne and removes scars, repairs skin.
Yellow color (580nm): Supply of cell energy, increase active oxygen.
White color (380-730nm): accelerates metabolism, improves fine lines and sagging skin.

Technical Specifications:

Model: 7 Color Led Mask
Power: 10W
Voltage: 220-230V
Power supply: 5v-1000mA
Frequency: 50-60Hz
LED lifespan: 100,000 hours
Power of one diode (max): 40mW

Set contains:

LED mask device,
control module,
power supply and power cable for the control module,
elastic band attached to the mask,
manual user instructions,




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