REJUVI Exfoliating Mask 240g

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REJUVI Exfoliating Mask 240g

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Suitable for most types of leather, the use of which gives the effect of a gentle peeling. It contains AHA acids that soften dead cells and increase the ability to bind water in the skin. The whole is completed by papaya extract, ginseng, chamomile powder and kaolin clay. Do not mix with other masks.

Leave on the skin for 5-20 minutes. then wash with lukewarm water and apply Rejuvi h” Gel. Apply on face and neck. Avoid contact with eyes.

Rejuvi exfoliating mask is a deeply purifying, refreshing mask suitable for most types of leather (except for very sensitive skin).

This mask contains many active substances for the maximum effect, i.e .:

The kaolin clay with minerals cleanses,
AHA BHA (softens dead skin cells), balances the production of seborrhea, increases the ability to bind water in the skin,
The papaya extract is keratorically active due to the active enzyme content,
Ginseng stimulates the processes occurring in the skin,
Chamomile powder has a soothing and healing effect on the skin.

Application: with classic treatments as a mild peeling, with treatments with AHA fruit acids.




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