RenehaVis, 1 twin-chamber pre-filled syringe


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RenehaVis, 1 twin-chamber pre-filled syringe

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RenehaVis are two transparent, sterile solutions of sodium hyaluronate in physiological solution with phosphate buffer, located in a two-chamber, factory-filled syringe for single intra-articular delivery.

Application: to relieve knee joint pain and stiffness in patients with degenerative changes in the synovial joint.

Usage: one injection to the degeneration of the joint cavity once a week. Depending on the severity of the knee osteoarthritis, one to three injections are given at weekly intervals. Clean the injection site with a disinfectant, allow the skin to dry before serving. If exudate appears in the joint, it should be removed prior to injection from RenehaVis. Possible aspiration of a small amount of synovial fluid during the injection to confirm proper needle placement. Before proceeding with the procedure, make sure that the plunger of the syringe is screwed tightly onto the stopper. The contents of the syringe are sterile and must be given through a sterile needle of the appropriate size (the recommended needle size is 25 gauge). The injection syringe has a Luer Lock connector (6%).

Package contents: RenehaVis is sterile introduced into a two-chamber disposable glass syringe ready for use.
Chamber 1: Low Molecular Weight (LMW) sodium hyaluronate: 0.7 ml sterile 2.2% sodium hyaluronate, molecular weight 1 x 106 Da.
Chamber 2: High Molecular Weight (HMW) sodium hyaluronate: 0.7 ml sterile 1.0% hyaluroniansodium, molecular weight 2 x 106 Da.
RenehaVis contains 0.7 ml LMW and 0.7 ml HMW in a glass disposable syringe, ready for use and sterilized entirely with moist heat. The syringe is packed in blisters and an outer carton.

Contraindications: RenehaVis should not be given to patients with known sensitivity to sodium hyaluronate. Do not use RenehaVis if an infection or skin disease appears at the puncture site.

Important tips:
RenehaVis injections should only be given by qualified medical personnel trained in this field.
After one use, destroy the needle and syringe.
The entire contents of the syringe should be used for a single injection.
Do not use on children.
Use during pregnancy or nursing mothers depends on the decision of the attending orthopedist.
If the sterile packaging is damaged, do not use.
Do not use after the expiration date.
Follow national and local regulations regarding the safe use and disposal of needles.
In the event of injuries, seek medical advice immediately.

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