Retix C Meso Lab VITAMIN C 20 – 10x5ml

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Retix C Meso Lab VITAMIN C 20 – 10x5ml

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Meso Lab is a line of advanced, sterile biostimulators, intended for microneedle mesotherapy. The rich composition of the preparations, based on amino acid nucleotides and peptides as well as other ingredients with proven effectiveness, ensures multidirectional biorevitalizing effect.

The proprietary protocols for combining preparations from the Meso Lab line (Nucleo-Therapy, Amino-Therapy and Peptide-Therapy) allow for the creation of personalized treatments aimed at inducing the synthesis of type I collagen, elastin and stimulating cellular metabolic processes.


Skin with signs of aging,
Sensitive, vascular skin.

Care area

• Face,

• Neck and cleavage.

Composition / Action

The preparation VITAMIN C.20 with a high 20% content of vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) has a strong rejuvenating effect.

The anti-aging properties of vitamin C result from the ability to neutralize free radicals and the important role in collagen and elastin biosynthesis. Stable vitamin C increases the effectiveness of anti-aging treatments and has a depigmenting and anti-hyperpigmentation effect.

Antioxidant effect, strengthening of blood vessels. Counteracting the formation of blackheads and inflammation, smoothing, brightening and even skin tone.


Aqua / Water, Sodium Ascorbate, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Bicarbonate.




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