Retix C RETIMODELING Serum 2in1 – 30ml

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Retix C RETIMODELING Serum 2in1 – 30ml

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Serum with the consistency of an emulsion with liposomal retinol 0.3%, dedicated to all skin types, including sensitive skin

A stable, liposome-encapsulated form of retinol has a visible anti-aging effect with minimal irritating potential of this component

Long Active Technology – an innovative technology of retinol stabilization in biocompatible liposomes ensures faster penetration of the ingredient into the skin with a simultaneous extended release time

Bio Calm Complex – a complex of soothing, moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients (aloe extract, vitamin E, lactic acid, citric acid)

  • faster penetration into the skin
  • protection against UV radiation,
  • the action of retinol at lower skin levels with low potential irritation
  • Proven stability of retinol for up to 90 days




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