Retix C REVIVE TC3 Med. Peel + Powder Mask set

For professional use in a treatment protocol, or as part of a treatment for home use.

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Retix C REVIVE TC3 Med. Peel + Powder Mask set

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Set: Med. Peel 5x5ml + Powder Mask 5x2ml


A two-stage biostimulating treatment that gives an immediate effect of tightening, smoothing, refreshing and brightening the skin. The unique treatment protocol consists of two products that complement their action.


Professional use kit:


Stage 1 REVIVE TC3 Med. Peel

Class IIa medical device, consists of 12% TCA acid, kojic acid and mandelic acid. A light, superficial chemical peel, acting on the stratum corneum and the granular layer of the epidermis, supports cell renewal, reduces wrinkles, acne lesions, scars and discoloration on the skin.

Step 2 REVIVE TC3 Powder Mask

Mask in a powdered form with 20% vit. C (sodium ascorbate), which is activated in a solution containing ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid. Instantly illuminates, firms and tightens the skin, thus increasing the effectiveness of the peeling used in the first stage.




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