Retix C Smart DNA Therapy Set 9 treatments

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Retix C Smart DNA Therapy Set 9 treatments

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A year-round, highly antioxidant therapy that restores the skin’s proper tension, illumination and a younger appearance

Set: for 9 treatments (3 treatments each for three people)

Preparation for application to the skin using the microneedle mesotherapy technique in accordance with the treatment procedure.

As part of the therapy, the Patient should use Retix.C Ferulic Triple-C Serum



Skin lacking radiance
Visible signs of photoaging
Hypersensitive skin (to the sun, external factors)
Loss of skin tension and elasticity
Uneven skin tone and texture
Disturbances in skin pigmentation



1. ADVANCED ACID PEELING for strong anti-aging stimulation and elimination of signs of exogenous aging. The formula of the product is based on ferulic acid and a peptide promoter of its action and the growth factor TGF 2 with the same metabolic pathway as retinoids. The use of peeling promotes the absorption of active ingredients contained in STAGE 2 and protects the skin against future signs of aging.

STERYLNY KOKTAJL DO MEZOTERAPII MIKROIGŁOWEJ zawierający mieszankę peptydów wzmocnionych kwasem ferulowym o silnych właściwosciach antyoksydacyjnych potwierdzonych w badaniach invitro. Synergia działania składników aktywnych chroni komórki skóry przed uszkodzeniami DNA spowodowanymi czynnikami egzo i endogennymi, a dzięki zawartości peptydów neutralizuje wolne rodniki, tym samym odwraca oznaki fotostarzenia się skóry.

The synergy of ferulic acid with peptides, growth factors, phloretin and hydroxy acids provides a protective and repair effect for the DNA of cells, while showing a strong antioxidant effect ** significantly slows down the aging process of the skin.

SMART DNA THERAPY Meso Coctail protects cells exposed to harmful external factors, such as UV radiation, and also stabilizes and strengthens the action of endogenous antioxidants, protecting skin cells and DNA from damage *

* Laboratoire BIO-EC France; Study 22E5550 -Assessment of DNA protection and reparation activities of a product on human living skin explants ex vivo
** Dr. Koziej Institute of Cosmetics Research


illumination of the skin
increase in tension and flexibility
lightening of discoloration
color alignment
reduction of redness
smoothed skin surface
reduction of acne lesions


Effectiveness confirmed in tests:

The study showed that the product reduces the content of thymine dimers by 25%, the color of which in the histological phase of the study indicates damage to the DNA of cells

The results confirmed that the product reduces the content of the UDG (Uracil-DNA Glycosylase) enzyme in the skin subjected to UV radiation by 52%.

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to perform a series of 3 treatments with an interval of 10-14 days and
using FERULIC TRIPLE-C serum as home care


Ferucell Protect Aox Peel – 40 ml,
Retix.C Ferucell Protect Meso Peptide Cocktail – 9×2.5 ml.




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