Revitacare CelluCare 10 x 5 ml full box

10x5ml full boxr


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Revitacare CelluCare 10 x 5 ml full box

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Revitacare CelluCare (10 x 5 ml)

Hyaluronic acid, caffeine and micronutrients: three key ingredients reducing subcutaneous fat deposits and orange peel, as well as correcting the figure

  • Reduces cellulite
  • It reduces the deposition of fat
  • Increases microcirculation and drainage
  • It improves the external appearance of skin tissue


Breaking down fat

Thanks to the use of hyaluronic acid hydrolysing cell membranes, the adipocytes responsible for the appearance of fat clots in the tissues are released.

Activation of fat burning, reduction of fat stores

Containing a fat-burning ingredient CelluCare stimulates fat reduction and transforms it into a source of energy. In addition, trace elements maximize the activity of relevant enzymes.

Increased microcirculation and drainage

Caffeine stimulates skin microcirculation thus contributing to the elimination of decomposed fatty acids.

Improvement of the appearance of the external skin tissue

Moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid makes the skin soft and smooth. Trace elements stimulate cells and strengthen the skin, and hyaluronic acid additionally conditions it.

Visible results:

  • Elimination of fat storage areas
  • Patients have an intense smoothing effect



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