Revitacare HairCare (10 x 5 ml)

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Revitacare HairCare (10 x 5 ml)

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Revitacare HairCare (10 x 5 ml)

Exclusive formula to treat different hair and scalp problems

(slow growth, prolapse, thinning, dryness, seborrhea)

  • hydration
  • Strengthening and protection of capillary fiber
  • Nutrition of hair bulbs
  • Stimulation of hair growth
  • Prevention and reducing the problem of hair loss


Stimulation of hair follicles

Arginine, glutamine, glycine and ornithine are essential for cell growth. As a result of applying these nutrients at the capillary level, sensitive skin strengthens the hair root, which results in a lush hair growth.

Strengthening and protection of capillary fiber

Cysteine and zinc, the two main components of keratin that make up capillary fiber are used to grow healthier and better-looking hair.

Stimulation of growth

B5 vitamins stimulate the renewal of hair follicles, stimulate hair growth.

Nutrition and hydration of the scalp

Thanks to the moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid, the tissues around the hair follicles are nourished and protected from drying out, thus preventing the formation of dandruff.

Visible results:

  • Improved hair quality, they regain softness, fluffiness and density
  • The scalp is protected and dandruff is eliminated
  • The hair growth is stimulated and their loss is slowed down

Packaging: 10 x 5 ml




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