RRS HA Eyes 12×1.5ml


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RRS HA Eyes 12×1.5ml

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RRS HA EYES 1×1.5ml – preparation intended for needle mesotherapy that requires eye skin. The preparation gives the effect of immediate hydration, improves the eye contour, brightens the skin around the eyes. Demonstrates antioxidant activity.

Active ingredients:

– antioxidants: vit. C, Naringin, Resveratrol, R-2 Viniferin, ε-Viniferin, R-Viniferin, Iso-ε-Viniferin
– flavonoids: Troxerutin, Rutin, Naringin, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Hesperidin
– saponins: Ruscogenin, Neoruscogenin, Escin
– polyphenols: R-2 Viniferin, ε-Viniferin, R-Viniferin, Iso-ε-Viniferin, Resveratrol, Coumarin
– peptides: DipeptideVW, Peptide Pal-GQPR
– trace element: organic silicon

The technique of administering the preparation linearly – withdrawn, from 0.5-0.7 per eye.






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