Skin Tech Melablock HSP SPF 50+ (50 ml)


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Skin Tech Melablock HSP SPF 50+ (50 ml)

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Very strong sun protection (Melablock HSP SPF 50+)

Melablock HSP is a cream with an innovative skin protection system against thermal shock associated with the increase in body temperature by solar radiation. As a result of the increase in body temperature, the natural activation of heat shock proteins occurs, resulting in the protection of proteins.

The high quality of the product is confirmed by the positive pass of the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) test according to the international COLIPA method (The European Cosmetics Association).

Active substances:

chemical and physical filters, Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) inducer, Antioxidants

New formula

360° protection: protection against UVA, UVB, IR and blue light
A balanced combination of a new generation of UV filters and boosters
Sensory improvement
Increasing the active ingredients of thermal protection against aging
Improvement of soothing and anti-redness properties, targeting all major inflammatory mediators
New packaging design

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