Sporan Men Gel stimulating intimate Libido Orgasm gel 150ml


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Sporan Men Gel stimulating intimate Libido Orgasm gel 150ml

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How to make yourself great joy

Take pleasure in your own hands and see how you can experience unforgettable bliss. You can use Sporan Men in pairs or in pairs, as well as in more intimate situations. Sporan Men is a sensually fragrant, intensely moisturizing penis massage gel for men. Its innovative action on the skin allows you to feel satisfaction with the size of the penis, giving the feeling of a fuller penis.
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Agitation that you can clearly see and feel

Massage with Sporan Men gel noticeably improves microcirculation in intimate areas. The increased inflow of blood to the tissues causes a feeling of warmth in these places, which supports a faster reaction to stimuli, and also gives the impression of being aroused, and increases the pleasure of sensations.

Sporan Men nourishes and protects the skin, increasing its elasticity. It gently cares for and moisturizes sensitive intimate areas and gives the impression of regenerated skin. Pleasant texture and sensual aroma enhance the maximum feeling of comfort during use.

Ingredients that are fun

Ginseng extract

This centuries-old aphrodisiac is one of the most popular drugs for potency problems. Scientific research shows that ginseng has a positive effect on erection in men. The substances contained in it, ginsenosides, have a similar effect to the substances used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Guarana fruit extract

Researchers from the University of Texas have found that the caffeine in guarana can reduce the risk of potency problems. Guarana extract is a common ingredient in male enhancement supplements.


It has many beneficial properties, one of which is to help with erectile dysfunction. Its action translates directly into the relaxation of the muscle tissue in the cavernous bodies of the penis. This improves the flow of blood to the penis, thus allowing you to achieve a full erection.

Cinnamon Oil

Thanks to its skin-irritating properties, this oil stimulates the sensory nerves and dilates small blood vessels. In this way, it relaxes and warms up, relaxes and evokes sensual experiences.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint has an extremely soothing scent that can ward off stress. In addition, the compounds contained in the oil, including flavonoids and menthol, have a relaxant effect and reduce the tension of smooth muscles.
Sporan Men stimulating Libido Orgasm intimate gel
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Sensual experiences that you will not forget

Sporan Men promotes arousal and provides a stronger erotic sensation.
The gel stimulates microcirculation in intimate areas.
It gives the impression of sensual stimulation.
It creates a feeling of a stronger erection and a fuller penis.
It nourishes and protects the skin.
Moisturizes and sensitizes intimate areas.


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