STYLAGE Hydromax BiSoft – 1ml

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STYLAGE Hydromax BiSoft – 1ml

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StylAge HydroMax is a gel containing cross-linked hilauronic acid in combination with a sterile, completely biodegradable and non-toxic moisturizing substance-sorbitol. The product is intended to counteract excessive drying or dehydration of the skin. The latest BiSoft syringe technology allows convenient and precise application.


Thanks to the content of sorbitol with strong antioxidant and moisturizing properties, this product helps to retain moisture in the skin, thus ensuring the proper level of hydration, and also reduces the degradation of weakly crosslinked hyaluronic acid. The use of the product StylAge HydroMAX provides an instant sense of refreshment and long-lasting moisturizing effect.

– immediately visible, long-lasting effect of healthy and attractive skin.

– Optimal skin structure reconstruction after some time.

-Convenient BiSoft syringe

Injection procedure:

Injection procedure for initial treatment: 2 injection sessions with an interval of one month + 1 session after another 2 months. Regular maintenance sessions are a guarantee of maintaining the desired level of correction. Injections in the area on the border of the epidermis and dermis or in the deep layers of the dermis depending on the technique used and the desired effect:

– linear microinjection technique with retraction (using a needle or cannula)

– point injections (in the deep layers of the dermis due to the cross-linked product)

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