STYLAGE Special Lips with lidocaine – 1ml

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STYLAGE Special Lips with lidocaine – 1ml

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Stylage Specjal Lips is a unique preparation that meets the expectations of women who dream of having beautiful, firm, sensual lips. The product was created to facilitate modeling, correcting such a difficult area as the lips, due to strong vascularization and high sensitivity to thermal and mechanical injuries. Stylage Specjal Lips ideally spreads in the skin, filling and moisturizing the lips, gives them a beautiful shape and color, smoothes fine wrinkles around the lips. The IPN-Like technology used in the production of the preparation ensures natural effects that last for a long time.

Intended for:

  • increasing mouth volume
  • lip contour correction
  • smoothing wrinkles around the mouth
  • lip red moisturizing


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