STYLAGE XXL Mepivacaine – 1ml


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STYLAGE XXL Mepivacaine – 1ml

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Stylage XXL Mepivacaine is a preparation based on hyaluronic acid and mepivacaine (an anesthetic at the same level as lidocaine, but it does not dilate blood vessels so much), characterized by the highest cohesiveness and volume correction ability among all StylAge products. A product that deserves special attention due to the effective shaping of the oval and contour of the face. Flexible preparation, susceptible to modeling, restores the youthful face oval, allows filling of large volume defects giving wonderful, natural-looking and long-lasting effects. It allows beautifully emphasizing cheekbones and corrects any concavity.

The preparation has been developed to supplement facial defects and is intended for injection into the subcutaneous fat. The high viscosity of Stylage XXL Mepivacaine makes it better adapted to the structure of adipose tissue.

Stylage preparations are characterized by safety and very good tolerance, this has been confirmed by clinical tests and based on the opinions of doctors and dermatologists involved in aesthetic medicine. Antioxidants (sorbitol and mannitol) contained in Stylage preparations delay the degeneration of hyaluronic acid, thus extending the duration of the treatment effect. Over time, the preparations are completely absorbed, leaving no lumps.

Mepivacaine belongs to the same group of compounds as lidocaine and is widely used in dentistry. It has been confirmed to lead to less vasodilatation than lidocaine. It is a component of STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS MEPIVACAINE to alleviate the discomfort that patients may experience during injection and massage of the treated area.
The use of the preparation leads to the desired improvement in the shape of the lips and the restoration of proper verg volume and their correct proportions – all after one comfortable treatment.

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