Suplasyn 20mg/2ml


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Suplasyn 20mg/2ml

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Sterile sodium hyaluronate solution. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of synovial fluid and plays a key role in maintaining the internal, physiological environment of the joint. The product has been proven to have a beneficial effect in the course of osteoarthritis, alleviating pain and improving physical joint function.

Application: symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis.

Usage: depending on the size of the pond, doses up to 6ml can be administered by delivery. The recommended dosage regimen for Suplasyn in a 2ml syringe is 1 injection per week for three weeks, depending on the patient’s condition, up to 6 injections can be given.

Ingredients: 1 syringe contains: 20mg hyaluronic acid sodium, auxiliary agents up to a volume of 2ml.

Contraindications: Do not give to patients who have hypersensitivity reactions. It should not be used in patients with arthritis / irritation. In pregnant and lactating women and children.

Important tips:
Keep out of the reach of children.
Product for use only by a physician.
For single use only. Discard the syringe with the partially used preparation. Reuse may result in a risk of contamination and / or infection or cross-infection in the patient.
Store at 4 to 25 ° C.
Do not freeze.

Made by:
Mylan Institutional, Inverin,
What. Galway, Ireland.


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