T-Lab PRX 16x100mm 1x10ml

medical IPRF tubes without additives r


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T-Lab PRX 16x100mm 1x10ml

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T-LAB PRX Tube offers an injectable form of PRF without chemical activators.

The structure of the internal walls of the PRX tube ensures excellent smoothness thanks to the micro-polishing technology.

Its smooth structure prevents platelet aggregation and allows you to obtain I-PRF without the use of any anticoagulants.

It can be injected for up to 30 minutes. It also offers the innovative pure A-PRF protocol.


  • Impeccable and smooth inner surfaceThanks to the micro-polishing technology, the inner surface of the tube is perfectly smooth, preventing platelet aggregation, allowing the user to obtain completely I-PRF and A-PRF without anticoagulants.
  • 02 Obtaining I-PRF has never been so easyPRF is fractionated in just 2 minutes with a single 500G (2000 rpm) centrifugation and can be injected for 30 minutes. You will get a 3-4 ml volume of PRP.
  • 03 Discover our pure A-PRF- The T-LAB clean A-PRF method eliminates the need to separate or mix the PRF and RBC layers. Thanks to 2 PRX tubes with double centrifugation, it is very easy to get clean fibrin tissue in just 16 minutes.




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