t-lab PRP Kit Set


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t-lab PRP Kit Set

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treatments using platelet-rich plasma,
improving the appearance of eyelids, lips, chin, cheeks, neckline, hands, forehead and eye area,
elimination of shadows and crow’s feet,
reduction of nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the nape and neck,
regeneration of falling hair,
supporting the treatment of baldness,
improving skin tension and density,
color alignment.


Attach the multiapadpter needle to the holder and collect 2 orange 10ml tubes of the patient’s blood.
Shake the tubes to combine the anticoagulant with the blood.
Place the test tubes on the counterweight in the centrifuge and set the centrifugation to 2300 RPM x 4 min.
Pierce the cap of the test tube with a needle to release the vacuum inside the tube.
An 18Gx90mm needle should be attached to a 5 ml syringe and the resulting plasma should be collected. Then put them into the blue test tube.
Repeat the procedure with the 2nd sample tube.
Mix plasma in a blue test tube.
Use a 21Gx40mm needle to collect the resulting plasma into a 1 ml syringe, then replace the needle with a 30Gx13mm needle and perform the procedure.


2 10 ml test tubes for PRP with sodium citrate,
1 empty 10 ml test tube for plasma,
1 syringe 5 ml,
1 syringe 1 ml,
1 needle 18Gx90mm,
1 needle 21Gx40mm,
1 needle 30Gx13mm,
1 holder,
1 needle Vacutainer system multiadapter,
1 certificate per patient.




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